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Empowering your team dynamics with precision talent matching.

Web3 Enterprise Information and Advisory

Shaping the future with meticulous foresight. Our strategic planning.

Compliant Establishment of Web3 and AI Enterprises in the MENA Region

Optimizing HR processes while you focus on core business.

Support for Top Ecosystem Applications on Major Public Blockchains

Connecting you with the industry's finest. Our talent acquisition strategies.

Secondary Market Asset Management

Empowering your HR strategies with expert insights consulting services.

CryptoGlobal Branding & Market Network

Optimizing your assets for peak performance. Harness our strategies to refine.

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The depth of their expertise in the HR realm is truly commendable. They've consistently provided strategies and candidates that resonate with our company values and vision.

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Bitcoin Pizza Day: Discovering New Market Directions.

We believe in the synergy of human expertise and innovative technology.


RAK DAO: The Future of UAE's Digital Assets Oasis

RAK DAO (Ras Al Khaimah Digital Assets Oasis) is a significant initiative by the UAE's Ras al Khaimah government, poised to become a global hub in the digital assets arena.


Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is the size of OOKC Group's asset management?

OOKC Group currently manages nearly $50 million in venture capital funds and oversees the management of $100 million in secondary market funds.

2. Which Web3 enterprises have you previously invested in and collaborated with?

OOKC Group has partnered with over a hundred Web3 enterprises, including leading exchanges like Binance, OKX, Kucoin, and prominent projects such as Uniswap and Polkadot, among others.

3. Can you help with applying for a UAE crypto license?

Yes, we OOKC can assist you in applying for a UAE crypto license, issued by the United Arab Emirates' RAKDAO, allowing for the free expansion of crypto business in the UAE.

4. What are your investment criteria?

We place more emphasis on the project's narrative, track, team strength, and potential opportunities. Of course, we are always open to quality projects contacting us.

5. What strong resource networks does OOKC Group have in the global Web3/crypto space?

OOKC Group possesses a formidable network of resources. We have strong government relationships and compliance resources in the Middle East region, a robust VC network in North America, and extensive crypto community networks in Africa and Asia.

6. What are your current investment directions?

Currently, OOKC Labs mainly invests in AI, web3.0, and new technology fields.

7. Can you provide consulting for web3.0 companies?

Yes, we can provide corporate market consulting to help you better establish in the UAE region.

8. Is your team still hiring?

Please keep an eye on our official Twitter account. If we have hiring information, it will be announced on Twitter.