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ookc & RAKdao

OOKC is the official ecological partner of Ras Al Khaimah Digital Assets Oasis(RAK DAO).The Free Zone is exclusively for non-regulated digital and virtual asset firms pioneering in new sectors. RAK DAO issues licenses in the RAK UAE Free Zone.

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OOKC Labs is the investment advisory team under OOKC Group, specializing in Web3.0 project incubation and investment. OOKC Group, Headquartered in Dubai, was founded in 2018.

Our focus is on building a robust Web3.0 value ecosystem, providing expertise, resources, and a global network to drive growth and success for our partners.

With offices in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and San Francisco, OOKC Labs is dedicated to fostering deep connections between entrepreneurs and projects, enabling them to unleash their full potential across various technical and operational domains.

Developing meaningful brands and finding extraordinary Web3 projects.


Early-Stage Investment&Incubation

Early-stage investment


Fostering projects growth

Secondary Market Asset Management

managing CryptoAssets

Marketing maker

ensuring optimal asset performance and returns.

Web3 Enterprise Information and Advisory

comprehensive information

advisory services

providing strategic guidance and expertise

CryptoGlobal Branding & Market Network

global branding

market network for Crypto ventures

elevating visibility and market presence

UAE Crypto License

UAE cryptocurrency license

UAE Visa

UAE web3 Company

Free tax

Support for Applications on Major Mainnets

Providing robust support

public blockchains

enhancing global reach and impact.




years of experience


projects investment

Let's build together