Investment Strategies

We develop innovative investment strategies to empower clients for success in the crypto and Web3.0 domains.


Experienced Team

Our team consists of experienced industry leaders and experts from around the world.

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Globally Investment and Consultation Solutions

We combine cutting-edge investment strategies with in-depth industry knowledge in Web3.0, fundamentally transforming the way crypto and investments connect.


Outstanding Cases

We collaborate with entrepreneurs to create remarkable success stories.


Enterprise Consulting

We offer specialized Web3.0 enterprise consulting to assist businesses in seizing opportunities in blockchain and decentralized technologies.


Dive Deep into Our Expertise, Explore all our Services

OOKC pioneers Web3.0 innovation through early-stage investments, MENA compliance, CryptoAsset management, and global branding, empowering transformative ventures in the dynamic crypto-tech landscape.

Early-Stage Investment & Incubation

We specialize in early-stage investment and incubation of innovative Web3 projects, fostering their growth and development.

Web3 Enterprise Information and Advisory

We offer comprehensive information and advisory services for Web3 enterprises, providing strategic guidance and expertise.

Compliant Establishment of Web3 & AI

We facilitate the compliant establishment of Web3 and AI enterprises in the MENA region, enabling them to thrive in a regulated environment.

Support for Applications on Major Mainnets

Providing robust support for top ecosystem applications on major public blockchains like BCH, enhancing their global reach and impact.

Secondary Market Asset Management

Our expertise extends to managing CryptoAssets in the secondary market, ensuring optimal asset performance and returns.

CryptoGlobal Branding & Market Network

We offer a powerful global branding and market network for Crypto ventures, elevating their visibility and market presence.


Pioneering Solutions Customized for Your UAE Crypto License

OOKC and RakDAO collaborate closely to assist Web3.0 enterprises in obtaining a UAE cryptocurrency license.

Having a UAE crypto license enables agile Web3 operations.

Obtaining crypto business recognition in the UAE allows legal and compliant Web3.0 operations.

Premium Activities

UAE crypto license: legal gateway to NFTs, GameFi, VC, and more.

Standard Activities

Versatility for 50+ activities, from media to consulting services.

operate from anywhere in the world!

Register your Remote Company to assist in expanding your Web3 business in the UAE region.

Additional Benefits

A system that fosters experimentation and innovation.

Web3 Expansion Support

Access the Web3 ecosystem with regulatory support, advisory services, and funding opportunities.

Obtain your Freelance Permit now and start working!

Unlock Freelance Success with OOKC: Get a Permit, UAE Visa, and dive into our Web3 Free Zone for innovation and blockchain opportunities!

Freelance Permit

Various Freelance Activities to Choose From

UAE Visa

Having a UAE Visa Makes Living and Working in the UAE Convenient


Get professionals instantly in just a few steps

OOKC Labs, based on your questions, can propose you the most professional investment and consulting solutions in just a few steps.

Identify Requirements

OOKC consultants will organize meetings with you to discuss your needs and concerns.

Discuss Informations

OOKC Labs' research team conducts research meetings and develops tailored solutions based on project requirements and issues.

Customized Solutions

OOKC Labs customizes exclusive consultancy plans tailored to your needs, covering aspects such as financing, marketing, operations, secondary markets, and more.

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Our  team is poised and prepared to assist you

Receive unparalleled support from seasoned professionals. At OOKC, our team merges expertise with unwavering commitment, standing by your side. Let us lead you, ensuring every crypto and Web3 challenge is turned into an opportunity.

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Discover Current Industry Highlights and Articles

Stay Informed with Cutting-Edge Insights. At OOKC Labs, we curate industry insights, delivering timely articles and spotlights. Dive into the latest trends and transformative developments shaping the crypto and Web3 landscape.

OOKC Labs Joins the Crypto Celebration at Token2049’s Rooftop Private Party

Singapore's spotlight-stealing Rooftop Private Party on September 13th, proudly presented by OOKC Labs and partners.

OOKC Labs Forms Strategic Partnership with RAKDAO.

OOKC Group and RAKDAO join forces to empower Web3 enterprises in obtaining UAE cryptocurrency licenses, driving innovation and growth in Dubai's digital assets sector.


Frequently Asked Questions

Your Queries, Addressed with Precision. At OOKC Labs, we understand the importance of clarity. Browse through our comprehensive information.

1. What is the size of OOKC Group's asset management?

OOKC Group currently manages nearly $50 million in venture capital funds and oversees the management of $100 million in secondary market funds.

2. Which Web3 enterprises have you previously invested in and collaborated with?

OOKC Group has partnered with over a hundred Web3 enterprises, including leading exchanges like Binance, OKX, Kucoin, and prominent projects such as Uniswap and Polkadot, among others.

3. Can you help with applying for a UAE crypto license?

Yes, we OOKC can assist you in applying for a UAE crypto license, issued by the United Arab Emirates' RAKDAO, allowing for the free expansion of crypto business in the UAE.

4. What are your investment criteria?

We place more emphasis on the project's narrative, track, team strength, and potential opportunities. Of course, we are always open to quality projects contacting us.

5. What strong resource networks does OOKC Group have in the global Web3/crypto space?

OOKC Group possesses a formidable network of resources. We have strong government relationships and compliance resources in the Middle East region, a robust VC network in North America, and extensive crypto community networks in Africa and Asia.

6. What are your current investment directions?

Currently, OOKC Labs mainly invests in AI, web3.0, and new technology fields.

7. Can you provide consulting for web3.0 companies?

Yes, we can provide corporate market consulting to help you better establish in the UAE region.

8. Is your team still hiring?

Please keep an eye on our official Twitter account. If we have hiring information, it will be announced on Twitter.